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Eddie Serralles (Left) Greg Pisano (Right)
About Us

Tampa Heights Mortgage, Inc. has been around since 1997. We've provided amazing loan opportunities that has helped Investors and Developers revitalize the Tampa Heights and Ybor City market.

Tampa Heights Mortgage, Inc. has been known for educating clients into understanding creative financing. Where clients have been known to buy properties with little to No money down.


We're now expanding into the southeastern United States, starting with Virginia.

Our Services

Tampa Heights Mortgage, Inc. has 3 buckets of money, A paper, B/C paper and Hard money for clients with bad credit as long as the deal makes sense, we have the money!

We are the leading mortgage brokerage in the Tampa Heights area. If it relates to real estate and mortgages, be assured that we can answer all of your questions and assist you through the entire process, step-by-step.

We will provide you with excellent service, a diverse selection of loan options, and competitive prices that nobody can beat.



Tampa Heights Mortgage, Inc.
NMLS# 390471


2322 N Highland Ave, Tampa, FL 33602

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

 Phone - (813) 307-0007

Why Choose Us?

We cater towards clients who have discerning interests in their properties, and provide them with the most competitive financing options available in the USA.

Unlike most mortgage brokerages you'll find, we specialize in challenging loans. Tampa Heights Mortgage, Inc. is one of the only mortgage brokerages that will evaluate your specific needs and guide you through each loan process step-by-step.

We are not only a mortgage company, we are real estate and mortgage problem solvers. Tell us your situation, and we'll find the solution that is right for you.

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